Coolest Dance Studio Ever

This project is freaking gorgeous and romantic, it would be amazing to work in this space.  Also maybe a little disorienting, especially when trying to spot turns between the glass and fog effect.  But I want to try because it would be such an experience.  This is proof that there are no small projects, just unimaginative designers.  I got these images from Design Boom, but since I can’t dance in the space I want to see it vicariously through my blog.

‘anzas dance studio’ by yoshimasa tsutsumi in beijing, china
all images courtesy tsutsumi and associates
photographer: misae hiromatsu / beijing ruijing photo co., ltd






I mean look at it.  The floor is that stunning dark wood, and the star lighting and fog…I’ve never wanted to choreograph dances for a room before.  Inspired by music, sure, but architecture?  That’s a new media crossing even for me.

fog effect








It all just sort of glows…you could get lost in the room.

‘infinite’ corner of the studio








The way the wall has a pendentive also helps bridge the transition from wall to ceiling.  You look at that and assume that its leading up to a dome, because that is what penditives do.  They hold up domes.  It sort of adds a psychological effect of the ceiling rising up concealed by the fog.

detail of the patterning on the mirrors









It’s amazing to think that its all created because of little white dots.  Fretting is always impressively effective to me.









The dot motif is echoed in the reception, and I like the bright yellow contrast.

floor plan






Yay floor plans!






Also this is a really well done section, because of the incorporation of the wall detailing.  Although admittedly the sections would be boring without them, but still these are very clean and I’m jealous. 🙂


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