Beauty is in the eye of the one beheld

These beautiful images are apparently macro photographs of peoples eyes taken by Suren Manvelyan.  I really, really want to figure out how to take one of these of my eyes without blinding myself to see if my eyes look that cool.

This is one of my favorites, but the rest are just as awesome and found here:     (thanks to Gizmodo per usual)

And these are my friends’ eyes, which although not quite as macro is a good first attempt.  I think I stole this photo from Erin (blue), although it might have been Eva (hazel).  So thanks to whichever one of you cropped it (which is why I think it was erin who is occasional inclined to do this sort of things.  The photos existance is also a good indicator that i stole this from erin, given that eva deletes 90% of the photo she takes.  This is something that I, as a person with like 22g of photos on my hard drive cannot understand, but I’ve come to accept her neatness as she accepts my messiness)

Oh and happy new year!  So far my resolutions are to buy new clothing, have more fun, have less guilt, and keep up this blog.  And go to the gym I suppose, but I say that every semester so it barely counts. 🙂


2 responses to “Beauty is in the eye of the one beheld

  1. Pretty eyes, and good resolutions. We can start the “more fun” portion of the resolutions when I see you in a few days, yes?

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