Blue Thumbs

If there is a gardening gene, I did not get it.  My mother loves to garden, and will happily spend all day weeding.  I love how gardens look and I like to design them at an conceptual level and I love HGTV.  I spent a summer trying to design a pergola, which was delayed indefinately because I can’t afford the wood. I did historical research and everything. Enthusiasm aside, I have a poor track record of remembering to water things.  I try every summer, but my herb gardens never live long and prosper.  I do have one Rosemary plant in a pot that is pretty determined to live, and seems to have survived the winter. But I’m pretty sure that was more due to the plant than any latent skills on my part.

If I do ever have a yard of my own, the first thing I plant will be an irrigation system that is smart enough to turn itself on. That will let the poor thing survive. The second thing added will be a water feature because I’ve always wanted one of those.  I already have a small fountain, which lives in my mom’s garden. Because it was at Marshall’s, and I make poor financial choices.  It does make me happy though. So that and outdoor seating, and really, really hardy plants.

The author of this Design Milk article clearly is on my side of the fence, and has amassed a lovely collection of water features. Which I’m totally reblogging, because they are pretty.

Photo by Bilyana Dimitrova. Designed by Pulltab Design


Designed by Höweler and Yoon Architecture

Designed by Luciano Giubbilei Garden Design

Designed by Elysian Landscapes

Featured image credits: Designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz,


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