This isn’t actually Venturi’s fault per se,

but I’m blaming his stupid “building as a duck” theory for all of the modern ones anyways.  I don’t consider this creativity, I call it lazy people who don’t understand how to use metaphors and symbols with subtly. It’s awful architecture and I hate it.  Sure a library may try to be “book”like but it shouldn’t be a literal book…….anyways I found this link on Boing Boing,

From wikipedia: Venturi “coined the terms “Duck” and “Decorated Shed”–descriptions of the two predominant ways of embodying iconography in buildings”

Robert Venturi - duck vs decorated shed


One response to “This isn’t actually Venturi’s fault per se,

  1. I don’t know about the rest, but the library parking garage is rather lyrical and attractive. Otherwise, it would be a concrete parking garage…. oof! 🙂

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