“I’m having fun…”

is one of my favorite lines from the game No One Lives Forever. The main character is a female spy in the 70s, who after being limited for ages to boring jobs finally gets a real mission. She says it to her mentor who gets rather worried. Now imagine i’ve made some clever connection between her getting to finally do what she’s best at (aka killing people) and my getting to write lots of papers analyzing architectural history and theory with the purpose of extracting useful information to use in my own work. Because I am and I’m having fun. And there is a slight chance that I’m worrying my teachers haha. The papers range in coherence a bit, and one time I got rather annoyed while reading another Corb-centric article that resulted in my paper getting called “passionate” and getting some deserved (though gentle) critique. But I think best while I write, which often means my papers are constantly edited free writing (an oxymoron, I suppose, but I mean it in the sense that I’m not carefully organizing anything in these), just blurting ideas as I try to summarize the article, making weird leaps of logic, and trying to apply the things I am learning about modern theories about networks and human behavior from TED talks and my own observations about how I live to architectural theory and history, in order to try to come up with my own new ideas about how architecture should work. The results are interesting. I am clearly rather worried about how the future is going to be effected by our changing notions of privacy, and at times I get rather nihilistic-ally sci-fi (i imagined rows of 1 room housing which we never leave and hardly move from in front of a screen in one essay, and just the other day made a reference to the movie “Surrogate”). In reality I don’t think the world is going to end anytime soon, unless the Aztecs are right of course, but I do think we may be in a period of rapid value changes (think FB and changing notions of the need for privacy, and our increasing dependence upon the screens in our pockets to the point that a commercial suggests that a new phone is the answer to the problem of people ignoring life in favor of their cell phone, which really makes no sense at all) and I am interesting in how this could possibly effect architecture. Because it will, and it will probably effect most people without them even thinking about it, and I want to think about it and make choices about how it does if I can. I don’t have any conclusions yet, just babble. But maybe some of that babble will start to evolve into ideas that make sense.  The point of this was to tell you that I will probably be posting some of them soon, I just got distracted 🙂


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