Succeeding at Failing

Well it’s been an interesting year. Unfortunately, very little of it appeared on this blog. As part of my commitment to write more in 2013, I took a plunge and bought a domain name and self-hosting through Bluehost.  I had started learning to code and I hoped that if I could really make the website my own, it might be the push I needed to put more focus on it.  This was a legitimate hypothesis, but it turned out to be incorrect.  Trying to customize the site wasn’t actually very fun for me, it was mostly tedious and I couldn’t make the changes I wanted work.  I’m glad I understand the basics of coding now (thanks to Code Academy) but the things I wanted to change far outstripped my ability. So I become frustrated and avoidant, and wrote even less.  And I am a champion avoider. So like many other disappointed people, I learned coding is not like in the movies.

Coding in the movies vs real life

My year is up on hosting, and I’ve moved back to   I was able to buy the .com version of my blog’s name when I was trying to figure out domain mapping, which fulfilled another dream.  Now I’m back where I was last year, possibly even further back because I lot of my linked images broke when I switched back.  I think I got most of them now.  But I’m actually ok with all that.  I’ve never been very good with failing, but I’m happy I tried even if it didn’t work much at all.  Knowing basic coding has actually helped me this past year as my company launched it’s new website, which I didn’t design, but did develop content for.

I like developing content.  So I’m going to try to focus on that instead.  It took me a year to learn that the way to make myself write is mostly like to just chain myself to my bed and type things. This is not one of those things I can trick myself into doing by doing something related.  I can make myself floss that way. But writing code will not make me write blog posts. Lesson learned.

Here’s to trying only to fail, and hoping that I don’t need to try 2000 different ways to make a blog post.


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