Rethinking the Classics

I may expand this post at some point because I like the title a lot as a theme, but for now I’m just excited about a chair. Yes, again. Chairs are really exciting. I’m not the only one who thinks so. The band Alternate Routes completely agrees, since they wrote a song about a Rocking Chair.

And coincidentally, the classic in question is indeed a rocking chair.  But not the traditional style, beloved of the grannies and redneck stereotypes.  Which are lovely but sort of an obvious answer to the question, “what should I sit on today?”.

“Farmer reading his farm paper” By George W. Ackerman, Coryell County, Texas, September 1931, from Wikipedia Commons.


But there is nothing boring about this chair.  This chair is similar to a rocking chair in that you can tilt back.  But when you do so you are not on solid wood but on cushions that look soft, and two people can fit comfortably. Or just one really spread out person!  Plus it has a stopper piece that comes out to hold it in place if you want it to behave like a real chair.  But who would want that when you can sway back and forth and take a nap‽ It’s like a hammock, but without the rope marks and risk of flipping over.  I would totally want to be this rocking chair.

The Sway chair is designed by Markus Krauss. Photo credits go to Carolin Müller.

sway_131_W sway_313_W sway_062_W sway_096_W sway_277_W sway_287_W


2 responses to “Rethinking the Classics

  1. That chair is terrifying. I wish I had something thoughtful to add but no… that chair is giving me anxiety of falling backwards just looking at it. I do, however, appreciate the color.

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