More is More

If your anything like me, you feel the constant dichotomy between having less to reduce your “footprint” and wanting all the things.  If you do not congratulations, you might be about to transcend to another plane of being.  I, however, am firmly in the material plane.  In stores I argue with myself, “Do you really need this? Would it be one of your favorite things?” and problematically I tend to answer “Yes”.  I am not a hoarder or a shopaholic, but I have trouble resisting shiny things. Luckily, I am an expert at coping with my own faults.

First, I watch this video all the time.  Because it’s short, funny and makes sense even to my rogue materialistic self. It’s six minutes, so it’s worth watching now: Less Stuff, More Happiness

Second, I purge my life regularly.  I’ve been moving so much that this is feasible, but still difficult.  I worry about the future to much to want to let things go.

Third,  you can make like my post below, “Less is More“, and buy things that are more compact.  That way you need less space for more things!  This too makes sense to me.  Also because they are designed so well, I feel like they would be “my favorite things” as argued by Graham Hill in the video which you just watched.  Like these ridiculously witty lamps.  The “Nepa Lamp” one makes more sense to me because it lets you pull it out and use it for tasks, but I like Candor also.  The designer is Giles Godwin Brown (awesome name), and all these images are his.


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