I love thoughtful design.  I also love tea.  And this teacup provides both these things.  I first saw it on Treehugger, and followed their link to Uncommon Goods.  (Which has a lot of cute gift items, some much less kitschy than others, which is worth checking out). They sell the teacup, which was designed by a Nordic company (huge surprise) called Magisso. The benefits of loose tea are many, including better flavor and actual leaves instead of dust. And while the process of making tea is enjoyable and relaxing, I can’t always put the time into the ritual of making a full pot. Nor do I always want to drink a whole pot (although my new teapot is admittedly fairly tiny) so I keep some teabags on hand for quick cups.  However, this tea cup allows you to steep tea a teabag worth of tea, without a teapot or one of those spoon/ ball sieve contraptions.  You simply put in the reusable screen, tilt the cup in one direction, add the leaves and water, and let steep. Then tilt the teacup in the other direction to move the liquid away from the tea leaves, so you don’t end up with bitter tea.  So annoyingly clever in a why-did-no-one-think-of-that-before-now way.


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