At least temporarily, as this ridiculous semester is coming to a close.  Studio finished yesterday, just one project due tomorrow and a final Friday and that’s it!  I’ll be putting my studio project and analysis projects up here, maybe this week.  I’m fairly proud of both of them, although I have no idea how I actually did on either of them.  However this post is not about me, but about this cool video my friend sent to me.  The premise is a collaboration of several types of art, culminating in the video and also an exhibition of art.  It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time.  (There is a “making of” video on the website that’s pretty great too.) The artist is Ryan Woodward, who is a storybook artist and a professor among other things and he worked on cool things like Ironman 2 and Spiderman and the likes.  This is his attempt to do something less Hollywood, and get back to just creative expression.  I’m really glad he did!

I love the ephemeral quality, it feels so delicate.  And the dancers and the choreography are incredible.  Somehow crossing mediums has made it all more powerful.

I can’t embed the video because I have no idea how, but follow this link:

This link is to the website about the project:


2 responses to “Freedom!!!!

  1. I checked… I can do the entire guy’s routine, if you can somehow manage the girl part. The Alex Mack stuff and growing wings might be difficult, but I’m sure you’re up for it.

    • Don’t worry, they taught us how to turn into wind and grow wings in lyrical, it just takes practice. But I’m gonna need to stretch before I can do those leg extensions, i was trying last night and I’m out of shape haha

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