A fresh start

After rather a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that while I will always love my first blog, “geeks and romans”, I am no longer in Rome *cries*.  My random thoughts about my various geeky tendencies (with their varying degrees of chic) should not continue to spoil our attempt to record and understand Rome and its very pretty buildings.

The title of this blog owes a huge thanks to  Nina, who being infinitely wise decided we should google “geek” to find word which rhyme with it. Chic was the best one, although occasionally “pique” might be just as accurate.  After some struggle finding a  domain name that wasn’t taken, I finally went all architecture-y on my title and added a +.  ‘Course then wordpress only lets letter and numbers in a domain name so i had to spell it out.  Nothing is ever easy. And I’ve always thought of myself as a bookworm who also likes clothing and shoes.  Mandi, Ren and Paul get thanks for their opinions, even if I didn’t switch to tumblr like Paul wanted.   Mandi gets extra hugs for her penguin and saying “It works, it accurately captures what you are and strive for” (and because I was cranky earlier).

The goal (which is very likely to change, nothing ever happens like i think it will) is to simply post interesting things about things I find interesting.  Cool buildings, strange moments, pretty heels, random thoughts, important news may all find their way into a post.  The only real requirement is that I find whatever must be distracting enough to actually post about it!  And my only requirement from my readers is to ignore my horrid grammar and spelling, since I am not yet important enough to have a secretary do it for me.



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